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Ear3 is a miniature, personal hearing threat detector that can immediately signal the user when a sound source exceeds safe listening levels. Ear3 can be used with iPods, MP3 players, boom boxes, stereo systems, automobile audio systems, rock concerts, discos, orchestras anAbout d other sound sources. When used properly, Ear3 can dramatically reduce opportunities for sound induced hearing trauma. Ear3 is approximately the size of an iPod and does not require any electrical connections to the sound source for its operation.

Ear3 uses calibrated electronics to measure sound pressure levels and signal those levels to the user in four easy to understand steps. When sound pressures are between 70 to 84 decibels (dBA), a green light illuminates. At 85 decibels the light flashes red/green, indicating entry to the danger zone for hearing damage. At 90 decibels a steady red indicator light comes on indicating high danger to hearing. At 100 decibels and above, the red indicator light flashes rapidly on/off, indicating extreme danger to hearing. Ear3 adds an important element of reality and a protective option to a person’s sound level choices.

Ear3 also provides a sound chamber that approximates the size of the human ear canal in order to increase accurate assessment of sound pressures at the eardrum when ear buds are being used. This feature models the volume of the ear canal and takes into account sound pressure increases introduced by resonance characteristics of the canal. By incorporating resonance factors into Ear3’s design, users receive an improved estimate of sound pressure levels actually being presented to the ears. For example, a given sound  pressure measured from ear buds in a free sound field can be 10 to 15 decibels lower than the same sound pressure delivered directly into an ear canal.

With iPods, for example, Ear3 can monitor sound levels at the ear buds and can be used to adjust these signals to safe levels. iPod users can rapidly and easily adjust output for safe listening levels. There is no need to guess at sound levels being presented to the ears. Ear3 provides factual information that can guide listening levels selected by users of music players.

Protect your family from loud music such as MP3 Players and Concerts

The iPod’s new Volume Limit function (accessed via the Settings menu) now provides the user with an opportunity to read the output level of the iPod with Ear3 and then set the Volume limit to a specific safe level. The iPod will remember the setting and will use it in future playbacks. Parents can set the Volume Limit and can then lock the settings so children cannot operate the unit beyond safe levels.

In sound fields, such as those broadcast from in-home stereo systems or automobile stereos, Ear3 can be used to read the strength of sounds and to guide adjustments to safe levels. Regular use of Ear3 will reduce the probability of hearing loss from loud sound sources. In addition, users are likely to remember the volume settings they use and will then guide their future settings based on this information.

In noisy environments where the user cannot directly control sound output, such as rock concerts, discos or other locations, Ear3 can remind the user to protect his/her hearing. Small, foam earplugs can attenuate loud sounds and limit the risk of hearing damage.

Ear3 was developed at the Hollins Communications Research Institute in Roanoke, Virginia, a non-profit organization that has developed innovative approaches to the behavioral treatment of stuttering and a new, advanced executive hearing assistance program. The Institute can be reached by email: admin@stuttering.org.

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The Ear3 device is produced and marketed by Ear3, LLC.

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